"Fountain-Light Electric has done excellent work for us on 10-15 projects. With this company we have received much more than just good electrical work. They understand what we need, take the time to do it right and follow up well. We have relied on them for years."

Nayak Polissar


Silence-Heart-Nest Restaurant


"I have known Daulot of Fountain-Light Electric for 15 years.  He and his crew have done work at my personal residence and at homes of my friends and neighbors.  His work is of consistent high quality and he is a master of trouble shooting in older homes.  Fountain-Light also performs electrical maintenance and upgrades regularly at the Northwest School where I am the Facilities Manager."

Bob Martin

Facilities Manager
Northwest School


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Residential services

It is a great honor to be trusted to work in a home. We go about our business, implementing the electrical upgrades that you want, with attention to detail, cleanliness, and above all safety. Your vision and input is important to us as we keep you informed of the project as it progresses. And of course we leave your home clean!

Emergency Calls can be handled Monday through Friday. Mysterious circuit outages, overheating of conductors, tripped breakers can often be taken care of within 8 hours.

Knob and tube replacement: Older homes in Seattle are often still wired with the old knob and tube single stand wiring. Often, due to a home sale, or safety concerns, we are asked to inspect and sometimes replace knob and tube wiring with current NM grounded style cable. This is an in-depth and intrusive electrical remodel, one of which we pride ourselves in accomplishing with the least amount of disruption to the home and your family. In some cases we simply inspect all of the visible knob and tube conductors, correct any code infractions and strengthen weak connection at splices and outlets. Often, just simply replacing the switches and receptacles will improve the reliability of the older electrical system.

Residential Lighting: “Light” is part of our name and it is light upgrading that we enjoy most. Here in the Pacific Northwest, lighting, especially task lighting, must be applied in a way that will give clarity to your kitchens and work spaces yet allow you to enjoy the subtle nuances of your home when you wish to relax or entertain. We can help you plan how much light, which type of light and how and where to apply it to your home. Whether it is to bring new light to well used areas, or to highlight a new piece of artwork, we can work with you to bring “light” to your satisfaction!

We can install for you:

  • RECESSED LIGHTING: incandescent, fluorescent, LED. Also, we can convert your present recessed lighting to pendant or surface fixture
  • TRACK AND CABLE LIGHTING: especially useful to accentuate features of your home, for instance, paintings, photography and statues
  • UNDERCABINET: and cabinet lighting for task work and highlighting counters, bookshelves, art pieces Bring your stairwells, entries,
  • OUTDOOR LIGHTING: add security lights to secure the grounds outside your home or install low voltage landscape lights to enhance the safety, mood and décor of your home
  • BATHROOMS: Add ventilation fans, sconces, heated floors, GFI protected plugs, towel warmers

New 200amp services with new mast, meter base and panel, bonding and grounding are needed to replace old, underpowered electrical services. This is the main infrastructure of your house electrical. We sometimes do underground work, we are not afraid to get dirty!

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